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Performance and retention of electronic tags

As described in the meta-analysis of electronic tag performance and reliability, Musyl et al. (2011) reported retention times (i.e., the time the tag is attached to the subject) could be increased with hygenic techniques and recommended tag rigging materials.     Due to customer inquiries, and because many biopsy sampling studies involve tagging, we are now offering a full suite of tag rigging materials (tagging supplies) and tag heads to address your research needs.

Customizable Flopper Tag Heads (medical grade nylon)

Stainless steel applicator tips

Fluorocarbon tethering materials in varying diameters

Stainless steel crimps and swivels

We can design custom tether and tag heads to meet your specifications

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Electronic tag performance (pdf)


Tagging supplies

Tag Heads


Our Provisional Patented Flopper Tag Heads can be individually rigged and customized for target species.

Applicator Tip


The diameter of the applicator tip can be customized per individual species being tagged.  For example, sharks require thicker applicator tips that do not bend!

Tethering Materials


We highly recommend using a flurocarbon tethering material that will not hydrate, nor become brittle from UV weathering.

Crimps and Swivels


We highly recommend using stainless steel crimps and swivels that match the diameter of flurocarbon tethering being used.  It is important to make sure the rigged tag will float to discriminate a dead sinking animal from a shed tag.