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TissueGrab Biopsy systerms, LLC

Biopsy sampling device, pelagic species, tagging supplies, & consulting

Services, Products & Consulting

Services & Products include



  • Project Management & Program Review, Project Workflow
  • Pelagic Fisheries and Bycatch Mitigation
  • Survival Studies & Post-release Mortality
  • Experimental Design including, cost-benefit & power analysis
  • Determining “Best Practices”
  • Preparation of grant proposals, budgets, permits, reports & manuscripts
  • Meta-analysis and systematic reviews (required by many agencies)
  • Technical writing & Data Analysis, Pattern Analysis
  • Professional peer-review & full editorial services 
  • Optimising performance of electronic tagging studies 
  • Teaching & training, organizing, planning & leading field excursions
  • Product & patent development, 3D printing and plastic injection, such as our Biopsy dart (see Biopsy Device Page)
  • We provide the  TissueGrab™ Biopsy Dart  "Patent No. 10,376,248"
  • We provide a full range of tagging supplies (crimps, tether material, swivels) and our flopper tag heads  (see "Tagging Supplies" page).



Meta-analysis is used in our work to synthesize precise effect sizes, determine "Best Practices" for issues such as promoting post-release survival outcomes and bycatch mitigation, and if warranted, design future studies to a high level of power and precision.

Survival Studies


Accounting for components of fishing mortality, including post-release (Fr), and at-vessel mortality (Fc) is necessary for robust assessments of the effects of fishing.   We explore factors influencing mortality outcomes in an effort to increase survival of bycatch and other non-targeted animals.