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Meta-Analysis of post-release mortality outcomes in Istiophorid billfish (Musyl et al., 2015)


To explore mortality in fisheries, we are interested in synthesizing precise effect sizes of post-release mortality outcomes in a variety of pelagic animals (e.g., istiophorid billfish, pelagic sharks, sea turtles, and marine mammals).  As part of these studies, we are also interested in exploring various prognostic factors to improve survival rates after release from a variety of fisheries and gears.  Eventually, for this purpose, we would like to publicly post these analyses and update them on a regular basis.  In order to help expedite this process, we encourage researchers and collaborators to send us their latest papers so that we can include them.  Please remember that this Meta-analysis is a work in progress and we welcome any questions and inquiries and potential collaborative opportunities.      

Post Release Mortality Billfish (pdf)