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TissueGrab Biopsy systerms, LLC

Biopsy sampling device, pelagic species, tagging supplies, & consulting


PRG specializes in electronic tagging, survival studies and meta-analysis on post-release mortality and bycatch mitigation

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Pelagic Research Group LLC, has teamed up with TissueGrab Biopsy Systems LLC, to offer a broad range of products and services in pelagic fisheries research and monitoring that can be customized to your needs.   Send us a message today, and we can start you on a path to success in your projects!  *Biopsy device *Consulting *Pelagic species and fisheries.

Pelagic Research Group, LLC

PO Box 10243, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, United States

+1 808-620-2903 +1 306-281-7362

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