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New Product Release

How much does it cost to acquire biopsy samples from rare or endangered species?

Do you require multiple attempts to harvest samples, needlessly injuring your test subjects?

Missed or failed sampling opportunities waste time and money!

Introducing the TissueGrab™ Biopsy Dart "Patent No. 10,376,248", is a  gamma-irradiated device designed to acquire ~1.5 cm^3 tissue samples while eliminating or significantly reducing repetitive sampling attempts.   Current biopsy devices are expensive and many researchers re-use them. Many devices are made of metal that rust in the marine environment. Metal devices are also ineffective because they become dull, often requiring multiple sampling attempts to harvest samples. This can needlessly injure or stress test subjects. Moreover, these factors can lead to sample or animal contamination and potentially cause routes for infection, illness, or even death of test subjects. 

Designed by fisheries biologists who were dissatisfied with current biopsy sampling systems, the TissueGrab™ Biopsy Dart is a gamma-irradiated, minimally invasive, single-use biopsy sampling device designed to overcome the numerous short comings of existing biopsy sampling devices. 

The TissueGrab™ Biopsy Dart is composed of medical grade nylon composite designed to “grab and hold” tissue samples during extraction. TissueGrab™ features include: a flared chamber that allows tissue to expand as it enters dart tip; barbs in the chamber section; rough interior of tunnel and chamber; and, recessed cutouts in chamber to prevent positive pressure buildup.  Biopsy samples are removed by unscrewing the base from the dart tip, preventing contamination. The back of the base is threaded to accept a standard M8 bolt; mounted on the striking device (e.g., harpoon, arrow, and spear).

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OTHER TISSUEGRAB™ features include:

• Minimally invasive

• Safely acquire biological tissue samples

• Several features to reliably acquire tissue samples on the first attempt (i.e., one strike, one sample)

• Sample volume of 1.5 cm^3 suitable for multiple assays from a single sample

• Pre-assembled, gamma-irradiated, packaged, single-use tips helps prevent sample cross contamination,     injury and/or infection of the test subject 

• Single-use tips can be stored with the sample intact for off-site analysis (i.e., tag it and bag it)

• Certain species (e.g., sharks in mating season) pose extra challenges and in these cases, we recommend     making a starter incision.

• Currently, we are designing an accessory cutter tool to fit onto the device for certain species. 

• Mounted on a tethered pole, harpoon, lance, spear, arrow or other striking device using universal M8     (metric) hex bolt 

• Scalable to meet requirements of particular species and body sizes

• Tapered and sharpened tips; and novel design allow for clean exit wounds (e.g., wound size insignificant     compared to wounds caused by cookie cutter sharks Isistius brasiliensis)

• Single-use screw-on tips allow for efficient sample acquisition, storage and documentation (e.g., sample     ID can be written on the tip) 

• 30 day money back guarantee on unopened devices.


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