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Principals of Pelagic Research Group LLC, and our sister company TissueGrab Biopsy Systems LLC (see "Biopsy Device" page), have over 50 years experience in marine biology on a diverse array of commercially and ecologically important  pelagic species. PRG's mission is to optimise "Best Practices" in management decisions and research with specific regard to promoting post-release survival outcomes. TG is involved with the innovation and development of biological sampling devices for wildlife research.  Our experience is steeped in various research projects which spans multiple countries, public and private sectors, and a varied clientele.  Direct expertise in business development, patent development, research, data analysis, meta-analysis, and writing with the ability to incorporate, interpret, and disseminate complex information in a variety of venues. Can work in a team environment or independently. 



Our research portfolio broadly encompasses projects in pelagic fisheries interactions, bycatch mitigation, post-release mortality outcomes, habitat preferences, and movements on a diverse array of target and bycatch species.  Our research often combines laboratory assays with field studies to maximize cost-benefit and data return.  As part of maximising research opportunities, we are continually improving electronic tag performance and sampling opportunities.  


Recent Publications (please contact us for reprints)

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